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Three Seasons of Sadie

The sixties are in full swing; days of hedonism, youth culture and free love. But not so for Sam Ashby, a hormonally charged country boy busy navigating a turbulent adolescence.

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The White Cross

In this new edition, The White Cross shines a fresh light on the age-old link between religious faith and armed aggression. Movingly, it traces a young couple’s search for love and understanding in the brutal time of the Third Crusade.

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Chalkhill BLUE

Chalkhill BLUE is a novel of tremendous scope based on a true story. An epic tale of war and peacetime in the English narrative tradition, it is a must read for anyone with a taste for the authentic and the unusual.

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Brimstone is a gripping account of ambition and temptation in the Georgian world of Sussex contrabanders, smuggling empires and transportation to the notorious convict settlement of New South Wales.

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Painted LADY

Painted LADY moves from the routines of a well-run brothel to the pleasure grounds of nineteenth century Europe, in a romping adventure that introduces an unforgettable new heroine to historical fiction.

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