Prize-winning Author of Historical Fiction

Three Seasons of Sadie

Richard Masefield

Publication details
Publisher: Red Door
Publication date: 24 September 2020
ISBN: 978-1-913062-01-9
“I laughed out loud! A must for anyone with an interest in the world of theatre”
Reader review

The sixties are in full swing; days of hedonism, youth culture and free love. But not so for Sam Ashby, a hormonally charged country boy busy navigating a turbulent adolescence. Frustrated by his lack of success, especially with girls, nineteen-year-old Sam accepts the job of Assistant Stage manager and general dogsbody at the Meads Theatre in Eastbourne, where his world’s about to change in ways he never could have imagined.

Enter stage left Abigail Compton, glamorous star of stage and screen, to dazzle, to embarrass and divest poor Sam of his every last defence – including his best shrink-to-fit Levi Strauss blue jeans – on his way to cross the shaky bridge to manhood.

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