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I’ve often thought of myself as a time-traveller, writing for those who enjoy as I do an escape from one period to another; from the challenges and uncertainties of our own time, to those of earlier and different generations. All my stories are partially set in the Sussex downlands where I farmed for many years. But I’ve also sent my characters across the world – from the Andes to the Alps. From Crusade sieges in medieval Palestine to the salons of Georgian Paris. From the hardships of a penal colony in New South Wales to the comeback performance of a famous actress in nineteen-sixties London.

I’m attracted to original plots driven by social outsiders; heroes I can identify with, heroines I can grow to love. If in the books I read I seek to be informed, amused and even moved to tears, the same applies and more so to the books I write. I’m fascinated by the unusual. I look for situations that will animate and stretch my characters, and I’m hoping will surprise my readers.

So, if like me you’re interested in time-travel, if my novels sound to you your kind of read – then it’s true to say they have been written very much with you in mind, and I really hope you’ll like them.

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New from Richard Masefield

Three Seasons of Sadie

The final playful episode in Richard Masefield’s quintet of Sussex novels and a sequel to his bestselling Chalkhill BlueThree Seasons of Sadie is a genuinely funny rite of passage story set in the provincial theatre of the nineteen-sixties.

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Three Seasons of Sadie

The sixties are in full swing; days of hedonism, youth culture and free love. But not so for Sam Ashby, a hormonally charged country boy busy navigating a turbulent adolescence. Frustrated by his lack of success, especially with girls, nineteen-year-old

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Chalkhill Blue – No 1 bestseller!

In 2015 Chalkhill Blue reached the top of the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists in America within both the Historical Fiction and Historical Romance categories. A new reader, trained in psychotherapy, wrote that she had never seen emotional issues handled as effectively as in this

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Why I write

I think for all of us who write it starts with the creative impulse, doesn’t it? A need to create something permanent and pleasing has surely been a basic human trait from the first ochre paintings on the walls of

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