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The White Cross

Richard Masefield

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Publisher: Red Door
Publication date: 8 August 2018
ISBN: 978-1910453254
Absolutely magic!
Jilly Cooper

‘A knight who isn’t skilled in arms can count for nothing in this world, remember that. It is your destiny to fight.’

With the words of his dead father ringing in his ears, Sir Garon leaves his new wife and their domain of Haddertun for blood and dust in Palestine.

The story deals with timeless issues, with the realities of warfare and fundamental religion, the abuse of power, the heights of martial fervour and the depths of disillusionment. But at its heart is the relationship between Garon and Elise – the tale of an arranged marriage which rapidly develops into something deeper, to challenge a young husband’s strongly held beliefs and set him on a long and painful journey to self-realisation.

And then there is the Bérgé dal becce; a character who’s surely more than he appears? The only way to uncover all the secrets of The White Cross is to read it!

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